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What type of presenter are you?

Title: What type of presenter are you? There’s no doubt that when it comes to presenting, opinion is very divided on the best presentation style. Some people champion visual presentations, others prefer to use stories. Some people construct carefully considered presentations over many weeks or months, while others pull together slides on the fly to support a conversation. You’ll have many conflicting inputs too. Some will say, always start with a joke or witty anecdote. Others say avoid humour altogether and instead start with a story, a relevant statistic or question. Traditionally, sales people would start a presentation by talking at great length about their company – while conventional wisdom would turn its nose up at such an approach. Yet, in certain situations this may actually work – especially if that is what the audience has asked for. The point is, there is no right or wrong way of presenting. […]


How sales enablement reveals the true picture of field sales

For Sales Directors and Managers, it’s always been difficult – if not impossible – to understand exactly how their salesforce operates and performs out in the field. And while it’s comforting for the sales team to know their every move isn’t under the microscope, from a sales leader’s perspective, that lack of insight seriously limits the potential for improving the team’s performance. In years gone by, Sales Directors have had to live on a diet of limited, late and often dubious insights to monitor team performance out in the field. They largely relied on patchy data and the anecdotal feedback from their sales teams in terms of the outcome of sales meetings. Not only did this make forecasting complete guesswork, it also hampered the development of the right training and content to support sales in the right situations. Times are changing though, with today’s mobile sales enablement tools finally helping […]


Sales & marketing collaboration will stop 70% of content being wasted

For many B2B organisations, the creation and distribution of sales and marketing content now accounts for the single biggest chunk of the annual marketing budget. In 2016, content creation accounted for 16% of all marketing spend, according to the Information Technology Services Marketing Association (ITSMA).

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When should you commit to the eight-legged sales meeting?

Despite advances in technology and telecommunications, face-to-face meetings remain the ultimate way to build customer relationships and close sales. Meeting in person demonstrates a certain level of commitment to your prospect or customer – and that’s heightened dramatically if you take your senior team and subject matter experts along to the meeting with you.


Engaging channel partners and sales agencies to boost third-party sales

For organisations reliant on their re-seller network, effective engagement of channel partners and sales agencies is paramount to sustainable growth. In this article, we’ll investigate how sales enablement tools can play a key part in this engagement process – helping you to share the right information with the right people at the right time, to maximise sales from third-parties.


Getting the most out of PowerPoint: Why the much-derided platform is still a relevant sales enablement tool…

An uninspiring presentation often sees salespeople accused of delivering ‘death by PowerPoint’. The very nature of this over-used phrase suggests the finger is unfairly being pointed at the presentation platform itself, rather than at the presenters. After all, a bad presentation is a bad presentation, whichever tool it is delivered on. Because of its widespread use, PowerPoint is typically made the scapegoat.


3 key drivers behind the rise of sales enablement

Without blinking, we’re already over a month into 2017. And, if the last few weeks are anything to go by, it’s going to be a big year for sales enablement.