iPSConnect: sales empowerment plug-in

Add powerful sales enablement features directly into PowerPoint: smarter presentations for improved sales.

We enable you to create and deliver higher impact interactive sales presentations that are easy to manage within a familiar Microsoft environment.

  • Plug-in iPSConnect

    Plug-in iPSConnect into your new next-gen interactive PowerPoint: take what you have even further

  • Fast and easy IT

    Fast and easy IT deployment: it’s a PowerPoint file!

  • A single delivery interface for PowerPoint, video, PDFs and other media

    A single delivery interface for PowerPoint, video, PDFs and other media


ways you benefit

  • audience

    Easy user customisation: create audience-specific content with PowerPoint templates provided

  • clock

    Reduced meeting preparation time – work with familiar file types, everything is at your fingertips

  • cloud

    Simplified version control and content updates via Microsoft OneDrive

  • cross-sell

    Engage your audience by mixing up the media: integrate PowerPoint, video, Excel, PDF, etc.

  • cycle

    Learn and repeat what works through meeting analytics

Personalisation + more agile meetings

  • gear

    Personalising content for different buyers, settings and agenda is fast and easy, quickly tailoring presentations from a rich content library. All media files retain their native file format. You can save, reload and adapt interactive meeting agendas as needed.

Content analytics + usage reports: learn and improve

  • graph

    Built-in analytics provide sales effectiveness insights: better understand how content is presented and received, identify the most effective content used in the field, and use the insights to inform future campaigns and sales enablement plans.


No other presentation provider combines sales experience and client insight with our technical and creative ability.